Advanced People Skills

Designed for your Executives & Managers, as well as your Sales & Service Force

Our proprietary 4-Choice™ Model of advanced people skills enables your people to become powerfully effective in any interaction.

The most powerful aspect of our 4-Choice™ Model is its ability to teach your people, not only to manage difficult personalities, but to actually improve other people’s behaviour.

Adopt advanced people skills as your competitive advantage – for your executives & managers and sales & service force.

Contact us today to discuss how 4-Choice™ can rapidly improve your organization.  

Participants learn how to:

1. Structure an interaction to set the stage for success

2. Begin the conversation in a way that engages and motivates the other person

3. Broach a difficult subject and have difficult conversations

4. Perform powerful active listening that we consider to be the next best thing to mind reading

5. Communicate and persuade in a way that is clear, concise, compelling and convincing

6. Provide feedback that corrects mistakes and undesirable behaviour and leverages people’s strengths

7. Manage conflict, such as other people’s emotional outbursts, unwillingness to communicate or lack of focus

8. Resolve disputes – legitimate differences of opinion

9. Quickly address and eliminate breakdowns in communication

10. Skillfully manage difficult personalities and improve other people’s behaviour

11. Seek commitment from others

12. Agree on next steps in a way that ensures follow-through

The most powerful aspect of our 4-Choice Model is its ability, not only to manage difficult personalities, but to actually improve other people’s behaviour.

Imagine if your sales and service people had the ability to transform difficult customers into loyal supporters of your business. That means that you would capture the difficult customers that your competitors don’t want or know how to deal with.

Imagine if your managers could resolve people problems on the spot, in real time, day-by-day and actually improve colleagues’ behaviour. Imagine if you, as an executive, could confidently manage and actually improve the behaviour of a difficult colleague, key customer, key supplier, boss, board of directors or member of your stakeholder community.

And imagine if you built your entire organizational culture on the 4-Choice Model and adopted these twelve powerful skills as your competitive advantage! That is what we do. Contact us today and we can discuss how 4-Choice can contribute to rapid improvement in your organization.

Advanced 4-Choice Leadership Skills for Executives and Managers

Apply the 12 skills of the 4-Choice Model to:

  • Align goals
  • Minimize conflict
  • Manage resistance
  • Create an atmosphere and culture of trust, pride and professional growth
  • Delegate to the lowest competent level
  • Motivate, manage and improve the performance of difficult people
  • Enable colleagues to realize their potential

“If you inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Advanced 4-Choice Selling and Service Skills

Are your employees sales people or order takers?  In our experience, most sales personnel act as mere order takers.

And many service people miss readily apparent opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction and generate more revenues.

Apply the 12 skills of the 4-Choice Model to:

  • Understand the psychology of why people buy
  • Reveal customers’ and clients’ hidden needs
  • Tailor your products and services to create a competitive advantage
  • Successfully manage resistance, particularly regarding price
  • Serve and please difficult customers and difficult clients
  • Develop client loyalty that optimizes repeat business and referrals.

Manage Difficult Personalities & Improve Other People’s Behaviour

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