Emotional Intelligence

Enhance your organization’s effectiveness and create a distinct competitive advantage

Given its importance and effectiveness, the understanding and the intentional practice of Emotional Intelligence is surprisingly rare in business.

A person’s Emotional Intelligence quotient (EQ) is often a more significant determining factor in business and career success than IQ, education and experience combined.  For example, business careers, particularly at the senior level, are rarely propelled or derailed because of a person’s intellect, type of experience or choice of business school. The determining factors are usually to do with judgement, assertiveness, empathy, impulse control and other examples of emotional intelligence.

Unlike IQ, which is substantially established at birth, EQ can be enhanced during a person’s career. Our EI training shows you how.

Capitalize With EI: Make Emotional Intelligence Your Competitive Advantage

By enhancing the EQ of your enterprise and its key people, you can enhance the organization’s effectiveness and create a distinct competitive advantage.

EI Assessments

EI Assessments are scientific measurements of each person’s EQ.

We will arrange for each participant to conduct a 20-minute online survey.

The survey will be tabulated by Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS), who licenses our consultants to practice in the area of Emotional Intelligence.

MHS produces a 21-page report, tailored to each participant and based on the self-assessment.

The report explains:

  • Your EQ – a scientific measurement of your Emotional Intelligence
  • Your strengths and potential for improvement for each of the 15 EI competencies
  • Likely impact at work
  • Personalized strategies for effectiveness and improvement

The assessment is also available in a 360o format.

Regardless of which format you choose for the EI Assessment, it is important to follow up with a combination of:

  • EI Training
  • EI Coaching

Your Progress Consulting EI professional will work with you to design the combination of training and coaching that is right for you.

EI Training

Jean Marshman, our EI practice leader, provides an overview of EI and each of the 15 EI competencies.

Participants then work in small groups to analyze the implications of the various competencies based on their experience in the workplace.

After participants receive the results of their own EI assessment, and the 21-page report, they consider the implications of their results. Jean is present to provide feedback.

Finally, Jean leads participants through a detailed development planning activity where each participant develops their own action plan for leveraging and enhancing their EI.

EI Coaching

Following or in place of our EI Training, participants receive one-on-one debriefing and coaching.

This debrief and coaching is an important opportunity for an EI professional to assess whether each participant has gained an accurate understanding and a healthy perspective of their EQ score and their EI competencies.

The debrief ends with insights for the participant on how to make optimal use of what they have learned about emotional intelligence.

Participants can then use this valuable one-on-one feedback to fine-tune their emotional intelligence development plan, which forms their roadmap for better business results and enhanced career success.

Capitalize With EI & Create a Competitive Advantage!

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