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About Our Comprehensive and Flexible Approach

Too many organizations use “the appliance model” of business improvement …. where they buy “a complete program” from a dealer, plug it in and hope that it achieves the company’s objectives.

Others experience the other extreme, over structuring participative activities with insufficient thought to the context or the needs of the stakeholders.

For best results, a balance must be struck. Successful change requires flexible methods like these, used for decades to help Giants Learn to Dance.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Former Dean of Harvard Business School, Author, The Change Masters; When Giants Learn To Dance

A Bias for Implementation …

Although we are highly successful and know our business best, the business improvement coaches of Progress Consulting help us to clarify our thinking and resolve complex strategic issues quickly. They lead the process. We develop our own solutions.

I have never seen such an effective approach to decision-making, especially involving so many people, so quickly!

These coaches have a bias for action. A bias for implementation. A bias for results! Everyone here is so much clearer about what we’re trying to accomplish and so much more committed.

Norman Forma


What We Do …

What do the business improvement coaches of Progress Consulting do? It’s difficult to describe. They develop trust. They develop teamwork. They raise awareness. They help us to understand the issues we face more clearly.

It’s nice to know they are there. We know they can guide us. That gives us the comfort to push ourselves further than we otherwise would.

As a result, we arrive at a clearer image of the job we have to do. There’s no way in the world we would be accomplishing so much in such a short time without their help.

A.S. Meneguzzi, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Rank at the Very Top …

I am a lawyer who has enjoyed a long and rewarding career that includes the management of a major law practice and leadership of several prestigious legal organizations.

As a result, I have participated in numerous retreats, think tanks and other similar forms of Strategy development processes that used the services of a facilitator or coach. I have had the opportunity to observe, and benefit from, the considerable talents of a business improvement coach from Progress Consulting.

In my opinion, the business improvement coaches of Progress Consulting™ rank at the very top of all of the persons whom I have encountered in that capacity.  They are well organized, very articulate and have the invaluable knack of reading, at the very outset, the dynamic of the group they are coaching, and tailoring their guidance, responses and approach to that environment.

Donald Bishop, QC