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Realize the unlimited possibilities of your organization and your people

Professional Business Coaching is one of the world’s fastest growing business services and Progress Consulting  has a leading-edge practice in this rapidly expanding field.

Why are so many businesses engaging a Professional Certified Coach? As information increasingly becomes an accessible commodity, many business leaders conclude that their competitive edge comes from realizing the unlimited possibilities of their organization and their people.

And as a generation of executives prepares to retire, business leadership coaching can help you address your demographic challenge.

We also provide group coaching.

We are internationally certified to coach individuals and teams to reach their full capacity for growth and success.


From a CPA & CEO

I am a CEO of an enterprise that can only succeed by engaging a broad spectrum of diverse stakeholders in complex issues, while keeping the organization well “under control” and moving systematically toward fulfilling our Mission and Vision.

In this role, it is critical that I maintain and share a strategic perspective on ever-evolving issues and opportunities.

Having a coach from Progress Consulting has been very beneficial to both identify and select strategic choices and to evaluate and address challenges as they arise, appropriately earning and maintaining stakeholder support along the way.

It is remarkable how, within a short period of coaching time each month, my ability to lead, create and influence positive change is greatly enhanced.

I strongly recommend Progress Consulting coaching to executives who want to take their leadership contribution to even greater levels of success.

From a CPA & CEO

We CEOs have no one to talk to about a lot of the issues we face. And we rarely receive reliable, constructive and insightful feedback.

I discuss and delve into issues with my Progress Consulting coach that I have would never discuss with anyone else. As a result, I gain greater clarity and I can adjust and intensify my focus on the biggest issues and adopt the optimal approach for dealing with each of them and with the people affected.

Coaching enhances self-awareness. One of the most valuable benefits of this coaching experience is that I now “know what I don’t know”.

That’s important for a CEO, or for anyone.

Professional, personal and social aspects are integrated dimensions of our lives. Through Progress Consulting coaching, I gain a better sense of what makes me effective, and concrete ways I can be more effective … as a professional, as an executive, as a leader, as an employer, as a husband, as a parent and as a member of the community.


As an investment manager with responsibility both on Wall Street and Bay Street, I experience Progress Consulting business leadership coaching as “a safe place to have difficult conversations” about the markets, about my firm, about my staff and about the leadership I provide. With Progress Consulting, coaching is a conversation with someone I can trust, and yet with someone who is outside of my day-to-day situation. My coach has no vested interest in my outcomes. I value this independence and objectivity.

I started working with my Progress Consulting coach during the difficult months of the recent recession when the investment world “was coming apart at the seams”. Even though our entire industry was frantic, I really looked forward to those coaching calls because they took me outside of the chaos and helped me focus on the pertinent issues to determine the most appropriate course of action. I found it extremely valuable that my coach was not caught up in the chaos that I was needing to address.

My Progress Consulting coach is not an investment manager, and I don’t need him to be. I’ve got mentors in the industry I can call for technical guidance. My Progress Consulting coach plays a different role. He listens superbly. He guides me to clarify my thinking and challenges my assumptions. The process helps me to better sort out which issues are “real” or “not so real”, provides thoughtful perspective on the situation at hand and helps me identify and evaluate different options to establish progress.

In coaching, I sought a seasoned executive who applies extensive experience and understanding about the pressures we face, the way organizations work and the ways in which people think and act. That’s what Progress Consulting provides. Their approach to coaching helps me broaden my awareness and discover my own solutions.

Part of the Progress Consulting effectiveness is that they clearly establish and customize the coaching relationship right up front, including what works and doesn’t work for me, and how and how aggressively I want my Coach to challenge me. As a result, he knew when to apply pressure and when to hold back. Progress Consulting coaching is effective for me because he tailored it to me.

As a result, this coaching really helped me to move things forward coherently “amid the chaos”. It was time and money very well spent!

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