Are your employees salespeople or order takers

Group of young people in business meeting

Are your employees salespeople or order takers? The difference could explain why you’re not getting enough market share or all of the opportunities that lurk within your existing accounts.

Here is our “top 10” list of common selling mistakes.

#10.  Not reinvesting lessons learned. Customers are a wealth of free information about how you can achieve a competitive edge through the constant improvement of your products, services, terms and sales approach. Yet most sales people allow this feedback to roll off them like water off a duck’s back. And few companies have a process in place to capture and reinvest customers’ insights.

#9.  Not leveraging the psychological aspect. Most sales people are aware that that there is an emotional and psychological aspect of selling, but they don’t know how to access and leverage it.

#8.  Asking closed ended questions. We call this “the butcher’s error”. You walk into a butcher, get handed the first item you order and you’re asked, “Anything else?” Closed ended questions are designed to end a conversation, whereas the butcher, in this case, should be opening the floodgates. So should your employees.