How To Coach Growth To X.L.R.8 Progress

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At Progress Consulting, our mission is to help organizations X•L•R•8•Progress™ – to see their optimal future more clearly …and realize it more quickly and easily™.

This post explains how to coach growth to X•L•R•8•Progress™!

In his landmark book, The Fifth Discipline, author Peter Senge promotes the concept of creating a learning organization – an organization that continuously expands its capacity to achieve its mission.

If that isn’t the mandate of a CEO or division leader, or any leader, what is?

Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to build the capacity of individuals or teams. And it is one of the fastest growing means of accelerating organizational success.

Why are so many businesses engaging a Professional Coach? As knowledge increasingly becomes an accessible commodity, many conclude that their competitive edge comes from realizing the potential of their enterprise and their people. Realizing potential lies at the very heart of coaching.

If you are like many of our clients, you are racing against time to prepare a new generation of leaders to replace the large contingent of seasoned executives who are poised to retire.

The stakes are high. The future health and net worth of your organization depend on how well you meet this challenge.

Different enterprises try various strategies, including:

  • Fast-track rotational programs for high potential future leaders
  • Specialized training
  • Intense mentoring, and
  •  “Baptism by fire”

What is YOUR strategy for building future leaders? And how do you know how well your strategy is working? How are you tailoring your approach so that each future leader achieves his or her potential? How are you imposing enough creative tension to keep your future leaders highly motivated and in an optimal learning mode, without creating stress levels that impede their performance and drive them into the arms of your competitors?

Professional Coaching can address all of these issues and more.

Professional coaching is especially invaluable to C-Suite executives who, because of confidentiality, often have no one they can talk to openly and candidly.

And, of course, coaching is often the ideal response to the employee or team whose performance falls short of the potential that you know to be there.

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